Saturday, September 20, 2008

Happy Birthday to me! :D

Yesterday was my 27th birthday! WaHOO! It was super-awesome, too. It started out with me waking up at 4am after having a dream about my grandmother Francis, who was an artist, and then spending about half an hour drawing a picture in real life of the picture she had shown me in my dream! With pretty awesome success, I may add! I've never done that before with pictures, but I've woken up at 2am to write down lyrics to songs I'm working on, and I've always adored what I come up with that way. Anyhow, I took this picture as a gift from my grandma, who has passed, and I am thrilled to continue working on touching it up and adding color and then putting it in the Kitty Island souvenirs for the wedding, so keep an eye out for that coming up soon! (By soon, I mean in the next several weeks... :} )

I had a total blast at work, too. I got this sweet card that was signed by just about everyone in the office (my boss picked it out, and it's adorable), and my friend, Temple, took me out to lunch at Tako Grill (YUM) and gave me two side Harry Potter books ("Quidditch Through the Ages" and "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them"), and then my boss got me TWO cakes (my stomach is hurting a little from yesterday... :o ) and was just so happy to make me happy. It was really, really sweet. She even made Temple and Erica serenade me before we ate the cakes together with the rest of my co-workers. :)

The rest of the day was really good too. There was some nice, kharmic comeuppance that I got to observe (at long last!), and by the time I was on my way home, I was just plain giddy. Oh, and did I mention all of my very sweet friends giving me well-wishes on the Kitty Island forum? :) Thanks, guys!

When I got home, I got so spoiled! I can't even go over the list of things that Jesse and my family and his parents did to celebrate my day in total because there's just so much. To make things all easier, the assignment that I had been working on (it was challenging, but I was kicking its butt, I was!) was determined too difficult by a collection of professors at Argosy, so they extended the due date until Monday, so I was able to actually enjoy my toys yesterday and look at things with a relaxed mind instead of rushing to get the assignment done to turn it in this morning. And, yay! I got to talk to Dadoo and Valerie, which was awesome! It's nice to get in touch and catch up on things! It's a luxury I don't have often because with studying and work, I'm pretty swamped, and my parents are busy themselves! The conversation we had was so fun and happy that I think I liked it better than my gifts, truly. :) Nothing is better than that happy, bubbly, loving feeling you get from people who really care about you. =^--^=

So, yeah! I wanted to share my happy! :) And, it's not even over yet! :O Tomorrow, I'm going out to get my nails done with Anna and Kyriel, and after Kyriel and I have plans for watching Gilmore Girls, eating ice cream (which I get for free as the b-day girl!) and pizza! Wahoo!! GIRL time! :D

And you know what? I won't even be sad when this is all over. I feel like this is just the stage setting for what an amazing year this is going to be. I'm going to enjoy it to the fullest! FTW!!!1!!

Anyway, I'm going to get back to work now. Studying waits for no one, especially when you have to read three chapters in a week on top of doing assignments. :} Thank you, to everyone who helped make my day brighter! =^--^= You guys rock!

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