Thursday, October 2, 2008

1... 2... 1... 2...

I love Wii Fit still! The game continually finds way to keep the stimulation changing so that it's never the same exact thing every day, which is the problem I have with work out DVDs that I've gotten in the past. No matter how good they are, there just isn't enough to keep them from getting monotenous eventually.

As for the Fitness Challenge, I got 6 points last week and Terinati got 5 (that means I worked out 4 of the 7 days, and Jesse worked out 3). We're both sore, tired, and while it is fun, on the days when we're the most sore, it becomes evident that we shouldn't have pushed ourselves as hard. He suffers zombieism, which is a trait usually reserved for deep imersion into video games or very intensely interesting books, and I just plain get cranky with headaches and eye pain. :b So, I think we're taking it easy for a couple of days. :} I think it'll be good, and Wii Fit has demonstrated improvement in my balance and overall ability, which is exciting to see! I'll have to create some videos at some point to share the fun. :)

Meanwhile, we're getting more deeply immersed in wedding planning as the time draws nearer, and we're getting the invitations together so that we can mail them out. I just need to finish some art work, and then we'll really be set! And, setting up for the honeymoon in Japan is coming along too! I'm nervous about getting lost, but at the same time I think we'll be just fine. I think it's going to be very surreal for most of the time we're there, at least for me! Jesse's been to Nigeria, but the most foreign places I've been are Hawai'i (part of the U.S.!) and Canada. No matter how well you prepare (and I'm a little behind in my Japanese studies :( ), I think that immersing yourself in another culture, especially without guides (cut nearly $1000 of the cost out! YAY!), is probably always shocking in some way. Especially with the jet lag we may have on the first day. At least I'm already planning for it! MWA HA HA!

There's still a lot to be done, but I think we're doing alright . . . :} It's just nerve-wracking sometimes. I need more free time!

Ah well. Speaking of that, I have a cooking club session to prepare for tomorrow, and other stuff won't wait for me to finish this blog! :} Wish me luck!

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