Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Going back to School!

"Dear Jessica ,
Congratulations! On behalf of the faculty and administration of Argosy University Online Programs, it is my pleasure to inform you that you have been accepted into the Psychology - Bachelor , program at Argosy University Online Programs. Please consider this your official notification of acceptance, contingent upon your completion of any outstanding requirements."

HOORAY! I've been dying to blog and tell everyone, "Hey, I'm applying for college. Check it out!" But, then I was like, "Mm.. It's the holidays, so much going on," and "What if I don't get in? Then I'll feel stupid for having said anything." Of course, there's still the, "EEK! I hope we're right about our finances, but I think that we are!" The future looks bright. Finally, a bachelor's degree! I know, for a long time I wanted to work in Japanese, but I just can't see that beyond my personal enjoyment. This, though, has been something I have wanted since I attended CBC, and my passion for it has only grown over the years. Heck, even my RPGs play into this a million-fold!

So, there's the good news! The challenging (I don't consider it "bad") news is that I'm planning for a wedding, going to college, working full time, and ... whew! That's a lot of stuff, ne? Wish us luck!

WAHOO! A new phase of life begins! I'm ready, challenging new stuff! * dances to the Kitty N song *


  1. OMG!! I am so happy for you. I remember you talking about doing that in High School. I just know you will do great. :) When you graduate, can I have free sessions :) heehee.
    I am just sitting here waiting for cloths to dry so I can pack, Dillon is on the potty and then we are probably going to leave around 3:00. Just thought you would like to know.

  2. Wow! Congrats. :D "What if I don't get in"... BS! LOL You're not a stupid girl. LOL Anyway, that's awesome. It'll keep you busy, but that's the nice thing about online courses and stuff. You only have to take what you can handle at one time. At least I assume that's still the case for this one. I've never heard of that college before tho. Do they have an actual college campus somewhere too? Or is it all online? Just curious. :)

  3. They actually have several college campuses across the US. I'm associated with one in Chicago, which is funny 'cause there's one really near to here. Every school has slightly different emphases, I think. They even have one in Hawai'i! It's very exciting. :)