Saturday, October 27, 2007

Stardust, on the Path to Recovery! :)

So, Stardust saw a specialist on Thursday. They were great. I loved them! Compared to our regular vets, who openly racial profile my cat ("Oh, she's a Torti? Yep. She's going to be a b****." Yes, one of the vets we tried said that; I never went back to that one, but the others said similar things, just not as inappropriately) and seem offended when she doesn't like them sticking something up her butt and tries to fight back (how is she supposed to know that it's to measure her temperature?), the specialists were so respectful. They gave her time, talking to her gently, to come out of her carrier on her own. The other vets? Impatiently dump her out. The specialists stroked her and talked soothingly to her when she got out, giving her time to relax a little. The other vets? Get right to it without even a hello. The specialist would actually talk to Stardust instead of me while working with her, and then back off when she was getting frustrated. The other vets? Well, let's just say that I'm never surprised when Stardust is mad at them. Personally, I don't respect them as much myself. I mean, what kind of animal person can be so egotistical and not take the time to understand the needs and feelings of their patients?! * sigh *

At any rate, the specialists were wonderful. I wish that they were her regular vet! We went over all the information thoroughly, and the main doctor we were working with explained exactly what he wanted to do in detail so that we understood and were comfortable with it as well. They did some blood tests on Stardust, and we scheduled an inpatient appointment for her on Thursday, November 1st.

Since we don't know what caused the stricture, and it's likely that it was caused by the throwing up in the first place, they are going to do a deep endoscopy to not only look at the esophagus before treating it, but into the stomach to make sure nothing is wrong there, or if there is something wrong, we can treat it too so that it's not recurring. Then, they will insert a balloon and fill it with saline solution to inflate her esophagus back into place. :) Neat, huh?

Everyone seems optimistic about her recovery. Oh, and the shadow on the x-ray? It seems that the nurses at the other vet weren't aware that the liquid from the IV they injected would show up on the x-ray. * rolls eyes * Otherwise, the specialist couldn't find anything wrong in the x-rays.

In the meantime at home, if the timing is off with Stardust's medicine, she regurgitates. Otherwise, though, she's only been throwing up really nasty-looking hairballs. So, maybe everything is going to be okay once she's treated. I'm honestly scared that it will be a recurring problem . . . An expensive recurring problem . . . (we're looking at $750 put in so far, not including the services next week) But, I love her. She's my best friend. So, hopefully, she'll be cured and happy in the end!

I have to say, I didn't know people actually read my blogs. I should make more of an effort to write clearly. :} lol. But, to those who have read and been kind and sympathetic and encouraged our efforts, I really want to thank you. It's so endearing to know how many people not only care what happens to me, but what happens to Stardust! So often, people act aloof and try to pretend like animals and nature don't matter in this big world, especially living in the city. It's so neat when the truth comes out. Even our office supply vendor at work has his cat's photo in his cell phone as the wallpaper, as do Jesse and I. =^--^=

Has anyone else had a rough animal experience they want to share here via comment? Go for it!

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