Friday, April 6, 2007

And the server goes down!

So, today I got really sick, but I steeled myself and said, "I'm going to work anyway!" I walked the 20-minute walk to work, and I thought that I'd feel better by the afternoon. Nope. I don't know what's wrong with my stomach, but it doesn't seem to be the usual "flu bug" or foodborne illness. :/

Anyway, I struggled through the major projects I had to get done, but by the afternoon I was curled over my keyboard, pretty much immobile from the pain, but determined to cling onto my few sick hours for a "real" emergency. :} So, I started thinking about the forum while I worked, and getting my friends set up on it, so I was eager to get home and really check things out more thoroughly!

When I got home from work, I was miserable. Starving, but couldn't eat, bored, but unable to function . . . Terinati got to the store and brought me back some medicine, and in a matter of an hour or two, I was feeling better! Kind of makes me go, "Huh! Medicine! What an invention! Everyone should use that!" . . . I'm probably one of the few people this doesn't occur to. How much pain could have been saved?! :} Silly me, huh?

Well, then I eagerly got online, excited to read the creative works of my friends and see what they had to say and check my other e-mail, just to make sure I've managed the transferring process correctly to Kitty Island so far . . . only to find that the server that runs my alternate e-mail address and the forum is down. "NOOOOOOO!" And of course, this is the first evening that the mighty Fritzy, runner of said server, hasn't been on IM. * smacks her own forehead! * Probably of no coincidence, but still!

It seems to often happen like this. :} You're expecting a critical e-mail, or something exciting is about to happen, and then someone or something comes in to steal the thunder or crush it into tiny, insignificant bits. I have to wonder how this happens to me, but at the same time, I find it amusing. I guess I just hope that the folks who were interested don't lose interest while we get things back up! Ah well. Every website has problems like this, just not the staff that World of Warcraft has to solve them. :} Have to say, they are pretty impressive! But, then again, that's also all that they do, while people like Fritzy and I . . . well, we have lives and families. ;)

Anyway, life goes on, and the server will be back up in no time, I am certain. :) Just more time to build up anticipation about checking those forums! AHHH!

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