Thursday, August 30, 2007

Secrets... Ooo...

Sheesh. Who would think that keeping secrets would be so hard when it's for a birthday surprise? Terinati's birthday was on Monday, but we're celebrating officially on September 8th, and I've worked very hard to make sure it will be the best party it could be for him because I love him and enjoy seeing him happy. But, dang it, my brain feels like exploding.
Every time I see him, I want to say, "Hey, guess what happened today? blah blah, secret blah blah blah." I keep on just barely catching myself and then standing there awkwardly, feeling like I'm going to explode.
Ultimately, this is a good thing. I mean, we're so open with each other that we're practically the same entity. On the other hand, I can't wait for the 8th to come so that I can spill ALL of the stuff I've been holding back. It's making me CRAAAAZY! * pant * Especially since there's so much involved worth sharing!
What's worse is that I don't even want to tell my friends, because what if they forget it's a surprise and slip up and tell him? That would suck. Not only would I not have gotten to surprise him, but I wouldn't have gotten to tell him myself when I wanted to. :b
So, there's a week and two days left, essentially . . . bleh. Must . . . hold . . . on! * sits on her head * Well, talk another day.


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